Month: October 2013

Atelier de Karim Dakroub à Barcelone: “La Marionnette au coeur des conflits”

Pendant 3 jours (18, 19 et 20 de Novembre), le directeur, marionnettiste et reconnu maître en Marionnettes et Thérapie, Karim Dakroub, offrira un atelier sur la Marionnette comme outil de médiation dans les situations de conflits et de traumatismes, suivant une approche psychosociale basée sur la communication verbale et non-verbale dans un espace de sécurité pour rétablir le rôle social de l’individu. La Marionnette: Un espace intermédiaire au cœur des conflits Le travail sur le temps, le lieu et le lien aura lieu à travers les marionnettes. Cet outil d’expression universel met en jeu l’art visuel, l’art dramatique et...

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Extraordinary exhibition on Pulcinella in Tolosa TOPIC

The 19th of October the exhibition “Routes of Pulcinella” opened its doors without an official opening due to the blow it’s been for all the death of Miguel Arreche a few days ago. An exhibition that the TOPIC of Tolosa has been preparing in parallel to the research project by the person who signs these lines, Toni Rumbau, and which has culminated in the publication of the book “Routes of Pulcinella. Puppets and Cities of Europe”. The Spanish version of this book has already come out and will be formally presented at the TOPIC of Tolosa during Titirijai, the...

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Jordi Bertran writes to Henk Boerwinkel of Triangle Theatre Figuren

Dear Henk, I remember the first time I met Ans, about 30 years ago, at the FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE TEATRE DE TITELLES DE BARCELONA, directed by Josep Mª Carbonell;  it was on the stage of the Regina Theatre, the same theatre where five years later I had the great honor to present my show “Anthology” for a month in Barcelona.” Jim Henson with Ans and Henk Boerwinkel in 1984. Picture from Jim Henson Company Archives (The Red Book) I remember going up on stage after the show, and Ans, on the left side behind the little puppet theater, indicating...

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Miguel Arreche has died

News of the death of Miguel Arreche who, together with Idoya Otegui, was the founder of TOPIC in Tolosa and the driving force behind both Topic and the festival Titirijai, has spread rapidly through the puppetry world. A stroke that occurred at lunchtime on 11th October, followed by a second one later the same day while he was in hospital were too much even for Miguel’s stubborn vitality, courage and boundless energy. The funeral will be held in Tolosa, at the parish church of Santa María, on Monday 14th October at 7.00pm (19.00). Miguel Arreche in Matanzas, Cuba. See here the texts that have...

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