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The noise after the simposium ‘Putxinel·li, myth, tradition and modernity’

<!--:en-->The noise after the simposium ‘Putxinel·li, myth, tradition and modernity’<!--:-->

By now it is no longer news that the Putxinel·li Symposium between the mite, the tradició the contemporaneïtat i included in the centenary of the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona, ​​it was a success. The attendees, who filled the auditorium of IT, actively participated in the review, anthropological means, artistic medium and somewhat futuristic character Pulcinella . Desede its origin to some of its most important branches, it became clear that the presence of latent … Read entire article »

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Extraordinary exhibition on Pulcinella in Tolosa TOPIC

<!--:en-->Extraordinary exhibition on Pulcinella in Tolosa TOPIC<!--:-->

The 19th of October the exhibition “Routes of Pulcinella” opened its doors without an official opening due to the blow it’s been for all the death of Miguel Arreche a few days ago. An exhibition that the TOPIC of Tolosa has been preparing in parallel to the research project by the person who signs these lines, Toni Rumbau, and which has culminated in the publication of the book “Routes of Pulcinella. Puppets and Cities of … Read entire article »

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Creative workshop: Words, Objects and Shadows. 1st to 4th July

<!--:en-->Creative workshop: Words, Objects and Shadows. 1st to 4th July<!--:-->

From Puppetring magazine, Toni Rumabu and Cesc Martinez propose a theater workshop focused on objects and shadows and their poetic dimensions. What is hidden in the objects can reveal quite a few things of our world and of ourselves. Browse this universe to see how we can use it on stage, is the aim of the workshop, which will incorporate in its final stage shadow theater as a way of distortion of the apparent realities … Read entire article »

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Puppetring, year one

<!--:en-->Puppetring, year one<!--:-->

Puppetring is a year old. One challenge, the hardest perhaps, has been met: to survive the first twelve months without dying in the attempt. However, as well as managing that, we believe we have laid the foundations for what should be a very satisfactory webpage about the art of puppets. Without falling into childish boasting but also avoiding false modesty, in these twelve months we have published some 500 articles between Puppetring, Titeresante and Putxinel·li, … Read entire article »

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Barcelona, a Capital of puppets?

<!--:en-->Barcelona, a Capital of puppets?<!--:-->

Can we consider Barcelona as an important puppetry capital? I believe the answer can be “yes”, even if of course some explainations are needed. In the last years we are living a clear expansion of this type of theatre, which seems very clear from the increase of the number of premieres and new puppeteers —an unseen situation since a long time ago. This movement is essential to make statements like the answer I just wrote … Read entire article »

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From Cuba to China

<!--:en-->From Cuba to China<!--:-->

Allow me to refer in this op-ed space to two specific places that present to us worlds and perspectives that are far apart and very different from each another: Cuba and China. I have just come back, in fact, from a long journey to the Caribbean island, long ago in Spanish hands, where I attended the Tenth International Puppet Workshop in Matanzas, and then spent a few days in Havana. And as happens to any … Read entire article »

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Spring Festivals and Festivities

<!--:en-->Spring Festivals and Festivities<!--:-->

It is well known that spring gets into the blood. The same thing happens in the world of puppets, sensitive as they are to those changes of temperature which bring calendars to a halt and provoke a need for celebration in humans. In Catholic countries, it is now Holy Week, in which the black colour of death and the purple of the penitents declare the season’s change and the coming of the moment when nature … Read entire article »

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Interview with Ety Fefer

<!--:en-->Interview with Ety Fefer<!--:-->

Between 10th November and 4th December, 2011, a unique and curious exhibition was held in Lima (Perú), in the Sala Luís Miró Quesada Garland. Entitled “Warriors, Monsters and Beasts”, it showed work by Ety Fefer and José Tola, and was unique not only because of the nature of the exhibits, (puppets in glass cases, that move on their own), but also because it was a collaboration between the young Ety Fefer, known for her work … Read entire article »

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Barcelona and the TOT Festival

<!--:en-->Barcelona and the TOT Festival<!--:-->

It seems that Barcelona wants to catch up after a certain decline in puppetry over recent decades. The TOT Festival opened its doors on Friday 16th March. The TOT Festival is organised by the Pueblo Español (Spanish Village), a tourist attraction and centre, which, since its inception has combined arts, crafts, architecture, and activities for families. The Festival is of a modest size but its artistic director is Jacques Trudeau, General Secretary of UNIMA International, … Read entire article »

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A New Magazine about Puppets and Object Theatre

<!--:en-->A New Magazine about Puppets and Object Theatre<!--:-->

To speak of puppetry today is also to speak about visual theatre and the theatre of objects, of performances that play with the duplication of the image and body of the performer without technical or conceptual limits; it is to speak about opera, musicals, experimental theatre, large-scale works, and theatre for the youngest audiences. There are also museums, schools, archives, specialists, and those festivals that have done so much to cultivate and to maintain the genre. … Read entire article »

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