From Puppetring magazine, Toni Rumabu and Cesc Martinez propose a theater workshop focused on objects and shadows and their poetic dimensions. What is hidden in the objects can reveal quite a few things of our world and of ourselves. Browse this universe to see how we can use it on stage, is the aim of the workshop, which will incorporate in its final stage shadow theater as a way of distortion of the apparent realities and creating other visual perspectives able to turn the world upside down.

Final goal of the workshop: finding real and useful creation mechanisms through the word, objects and shadows, and bring the result to the stage.

Over four sessions of five hours, we will work various aspects of composition with objects, text and shadows on a stage set. The work is based on creativity exercises in relation to various issues and examples will be shelling throughout the workshop, as the relation between the actual meaning of the word, the object as a dramaturgical construction signifier and the characteristics poetics of each object.


Cesc Martinez is a writer and cultural journalist, founder and editor of the legendary magazine The Tacte que Té (2001-2004). He is the author of works of fiction Bits (poetic microstories) and Opi i sardines (novel) and has worked in various media as a commentator and critic of theater, especially physical theater, puppets and objects, and circus. His latest collaborations have been in magazines like Puppetring and Zirkòlika.

Toni Rumbau is puppeteer and writer, founder of the historical company La Fanfarra (1976) and Malic Theatre of Barcelona (1984-2002). Author of several books, has worked the world of puppetry and shadow theater in shows such as Carmen, The Adventures of Malic, opera Euridice and the Puppets of Charon, The  Shadow and the Double, Two Hands and Full Hands. He is currently director of the triple magazine Puppetring.

Head (Stadtmuseum of Múnic)


– From 1st to July 4th, 2013
– 4 days, 20 hours
– Schedule: from 16h to 21h
– Location: La Mona de Seda (Barcelona)
– Maximum: 18 people.
– Profile Participants: Open to anyone interested in poetry, creative writing, and language of the theater of objects, shadows and puppets
– Course fee: 180 euros. Automatic 10% discount for members of UNIMA.
– Payment: by transfer. To request an application, receive directions on how to make payment.

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– c/ Bonaventura Pollés 23, baixos
metro Pza de Sants, L1, L5
tfno: 93 603 72 16
– 20 minutes from the center of Barcelona. See map by clicking aquí

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– Sending requests or telephoning:

Toni Rumbau:
tel: +34 659 454 879
Cesc Martíniez:
tel: +34 629 067 941

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– Being a member of UNIMA with a minimum of six months prior to the course start date.
– Be aware of fee payment 2013.
– Ask for help with a month in advance.
– Applications in writing to the Secretary of UNIMA FEDERATION SPAIN, using the official form (

Amount of Support:

– € 0.10 per km round trip for up to 15 days duration of the course by presenting documents (tickets or invoices) of travel (bus-train-plane-gasoline)
– € 15 per day for up to 15 days duration of the course by presenting documents (tickets or invoices) for meals and / or overnight accommodations for those outside of the usual residence
– € 15 up to 15-day course of this proof (tickets or invoices) for meals and / or displacement.