From 22 to 26 October 2012 will take place in Lisbon a workshop by the renowned italian shadowplayer Fabrizio Montecchi from Teatro Gioco Vita company, within the Funicular Project that for years organized the CAMa (Centre de Artes da Marioneta) and A Tarumba company, organizer of the Lisbon Festival FIMFA. The workshop is a collaboration with the Teatro Nacional D.Maria II, and with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute in Lisbon.

To learn more about the workshop, visit the website of de A Tarumba of A Tarumba or download the pdf file with information about it.

Gioco Vita
Image of one of the last shows of Gioco Vita

Fabrizio Montecchi and Teatro Gioco Vita play an extremely important role on Shadow Theatre, in the experimentation and rediscovery of this art form with a fantastic work well-known worldwide. A unique opportunity to experience the world of Shadow Theatre by one of its greatest contemporary masters. Five intense days dedicated to exploring and learning the secrets of this ancient art.

Fabrizio Montecchi
Fabrizio Montecchi

Funicular Project: a training program of CAMa – Centro de Artes da Marioneta | A Tarumba of international workshops designed for professionals selected on the basis of their curriculum and experience. The inscription is international and due to the selection of the trainers and trainees, combines puppetry with other art forms.