11-22 july 2018.

The meeting of two great shadow theatre’s creators: Fabrizio Montecchi and Camille Trouvé

Camille Trouvé (by Les Anges au Plafond, France) and Fabrizio Montecchi (by Teatro Gioco Vita, Italy), offer a journey to discover the Contemporary Shadow Theatre, a language deeply theatrical nature, intangible art with enormous expressive and communicative possibilities.

Behind this workshop lies the desire of a meeting. Fabrizio Montecchi, master of shadow theatre from Teatro Gioco Vita and Camille Trouvé from the French company Les Anges au Plafond, have two different approaches of the art and scene, yet they had the deep intuition that a crossing between their two different views and practices of shadow in motion was powerful.

Therefore, they’ve decided to give to professional apprentices the possibility to learn how to create a theater art form mixing light and shadow. Beginning from the principles of shadow Theater and how shadows are created, the group will work on the language of how light become a material to play with.

Santes Creus abbey (Esp) will be the theater where the workshop will run. The apprentices will learn how to deal with the three basics: the source of light, the shape/ the shadow puppet and the screen and the many links between them.

Give life to animated forms, use the body as an object to be screened, create and set up a screen out of nowhere… these are manipulations tricks which allow a sensitive dramaturgy to pop-up, where the signified and the signifier happen to live in the same space-time continuum.

We will be inspired by the language and legends of mythology. The abbey will be the Minotaur’s labyrinth, Thebes’s ramparts, the place where all transformations will happen. In the darkness, armed with night searchers’ lights, we will explore our imaginary worlds, looking for the monster or its shadow!

Technical data:

This workshop is suitable for beginners and experts.
Language: English – Spanish – Catalan
Duration: 12 days, 11 – 22 July 2018
Hours: 10-13 / 14.30-17.30
Price: 700 euros. Includes workshop, materials, transport for Santes Creus and accommodation

Registration deadline May 30, 2018
To formalize the registration, go to the page of l’Atelier della Luna and fill out the Form (clic here
). You will see that you have to pay 300 euros of deposit.
Deadline to pay the rest of the cost of the course, is June 10, 2018
Write and send your CV to info@atelierdellaluna.com

Organize: Atelier della Luna, Eudald Ferré and Luca Ronga.
Más información aquí.

Me and Camille


I first met Camille in 2011. She had enrolled in my short workshop at Frouard, she was interested in the shadows theatre – she told me – and wanted to deepen her knowledge. I immediately had the impression that in reality Camille, the shadows, already knew them, perhaps not in daily practice but certainly in poetry, and that she had a clear and deep feeling with them. Since then all his shows I’ve seen have never contradicted my first impression. Although her theatre can not be defined in the strict sense “of shadows”, everything she does and tells is made of shadow. When I was asked to share this workshop with someone I immediately thought of her, with whom I feel I have, even in so many differences, deep affinities. (Fabrizio Montecchi).

Abbey de Santes Creus.


Mon. 9                      Arrival

Tue. 10                     Set Up


Wen. 11                   Begin workshop / Introduction
(10.00 – 13.30)
The shadow: obscure earth and body thin
(14.30 – 18.00)
The shadow: with or without body
Thu. 12                     Introduction
(10.00 – 13.30)
The shadow theatre: the light
(14.30 – 18.00)
The shadow theatre: the screen, the body-object
Fri. 13                       Introduction
(10.00 – 13.30)
The shadow theatre: the shadow puppet and the manipulation
(14.30 – 18.00)
Stage writing for the contemporary shadow theatres:
“Teatro Gioco Vita” and “Les Anges au Plafond”
Sat. 14                      Into the labyrinth
(10.00 – 13.30) (14.30 – 18.00)
Presentation of the topic / work organization

Sun. 15                     Pause

Mon. 16                   Into the labyrinth / Exercises
(10.00 – 13.30) (14.30 – 18.00)
Tue. 17                     Into the labyrinth / Exercises
(10.00 – 13.30) (14.30 – 18.00)
Wen. 18                   Into the labyrinth / Exercises
(10.00 – 13.30) (14.30 – 18.00)
Thu. 19                     Into the labyrinth / Exercises
(10.00 – 13.30) (14.30 – 18.00)
Fri. 20                       Into the labyrinth / Exercises
(10.00 – 13.30) (14.30 – 18.00)
Sat. 21                      Into the labyrinth / Exercises
(10.00 – 13.30) (14.30 – 18.00)
Sun. 22                     Into the labyrinth / Exercises
(10.00 – 13.30) (14.30 – 18.00)
Into the labyrinth / Show
(21.00 – 24.00)

Mon. 23                   Departure

Camille Trouvé

Actress, puppeteer and director, she was trained in puppet arts in Glasgow, she co-founded La Compagnie Les Chiffonnières. Until 2006, with a team of visual artists and musicians, she explored the relationship between image and music. This work led to the creation of five puppet shows, including La Peur au Ventre (2000), Le Baron Perché (2002), and Le Bal des Fous (2006).

She has studied under great stage directors and playwrights like Wajdi Mouawad, François Cervantes and Catherine Germain, and Laurent Fréchuret. She also completed a program with the ESNAM (the French national school of puppet arts) with the company Green Ginger. Her master and teacher in shadow theater has been Fabrizio Montecchi. As an inveterate builder and inventor of articulated characters, she is also a puppeteer and actress she’s pursuing her art, and has created a bizarre and compelling visual universe. In 2000, she and Brice Berthoud co-founded Les Anges au Plafond. Actress and puppeteer in Le Cri Quotidien, Une Antigone de Papier, Les Mains de Camille and Du Rêve Que Fut Ma Vie, she directed Les Nuits Polaires and Au Fil d’Œdipe, R.A.G.E. and White Dog, the company’s last creation.

Fabrizio Montecchi

Director and set-designer, was born in 1960 in Reggio Emilia, Italy and studied Visual Arts and Architecture. Now he lives and works in Piacenza.

In 1977 he started his so far uninterrupted professional career with Teatro Gioco Vita and with this company he has worked on the development of a very important period for Contemporary Shadow Theatre. In 1985 he directed his first production and since 1993 he has dedicated his work to directing and set designing more then 40 shadow theatre productions.

In 1994 his collaboration as director and set designer with Dockteatern Tittut from Stockholm (Sweden) began and has born seven productions in less than 20 years. Since 2000 there have been many collaborations with other international companies: Huriaruuth Dance Company (Helsinki, Finland); Théâtre du Tilleul (Brussels, Belgium); Children’s Theatre Company (Minneapolis, United States), Visible Fictions (Glasgow, Scotland); BTL (Bialystok, Poland), Lutkovno Gledališče (Ljubljana, Slovenia). His productions have won several awards and featured in the main festivals for puppet theatre and theatre for children all over the world.

Since 1993 he has also been involved in teaching with the aim of sharing and spreading knowledge about Contemporary Shadow Theatre. For this purpose he has conducted stages and workshops all over the world For this activity I was awarded the Prix IIM 2013 de la Transmission (Training and Education) by the Institut International de la Marionnette de Charleville Mézières.

Eudald Ferré and Luca Ronga, organizers of Atelier della Luna.