Like every year, the Atelier della Luna organizes an important international course in the imposing Monastery of Santes Creus, in Catalonia (Spain), this time in charge of the director of one of the most important Catalan companies: Joan Font, director of Els Comediants. A course in which people will raise several issues directly related to dramatic creation and its representation. Basically it will be manipulate and play with two basic concepts of theatrical fact: space and time.

Santes Creus
Monastry of Santes Creus.

In addition to the course of Comediants, in Italy the Atelier della Luna also organizes four other courses: ‘The vibrating body’, with Eugenio Ravo; ‘Wood carving – puppet head’, with Brina Babini; ‘Paper Masks’, with Brina Babini; And ‘Thermoplastic’, with Eudald Ferré. See information here.

Course Outline.

In this course we are going to bring up various questions directly related to the dramatic creation and its performance.

We are going to handle and fiddle with two basic concepts of the theatrical fact: space and time.

On the basis of very personal and plain material and representing something important in our life, we will develop a creative voyage towards different directions.We are talking about a poem, a song, a tale or a fable, a dream, a newspaper report, a real story, a memento… Such material will be the starting point from where it will become little spectacles or performances with different languages, that is to say, they will be dealt in different theatrical formats and styles. The same story will be performed in various ways and in different spaces.

Els Comediants
Els Comediants.

Therefore one and the same story can be told in a musical format or as a visual theatre, as a realistic theatre or a symbolic one, as a street performance or inside a circus, or like a fashion parade… We can turn a dramatic story into a poetical- comical situation, and from a song to a theatrical representation of masks, or to a performance with big street inflatable elements.

The key elements that comprise this starting point will be analysed,  which its dramaturgical and conceptual values are, and thereafter we will fiddle with its interpretation so as to highlight the basic strokes of the initial proposal while looking for new languages so that they help us to better explain what we want to convey.

Els Comediants
Els Comediants.

We will work with the emotions and the five senses to communicate among ourselves and communicate.


– The workshop is addressed to amateurs and experts.
– Language: English – Spanish – Catalan – French
– Dates: 14 days, 3 – 16 July 2017
– Schedule: 10-13 / 15-18
– Cost: 650 euros, including training, building materials, transfer to Santes Creus different destinations (*) and accommodation are included.

(*) 2th July
Tarragona – Santes Creus
Reus airport – Santes Creus
Valls –  Santes Creus

17th July
Santes Creus – Tarragona
Santes Creus – Reus airport
Santes Creus – Valls.

Els Comediants
Els Comediants.

– Enrolment deadline 30th May 2017
– 300 euros deposit to confirm your attendance
– Full payment deadline 10th June 2017
– Send your CV and enrolment form at

For more information about the course, see here.


Joan FontCV. Joan Font

Graduated by Institut del Teatre from Barcelona. Theatrical Studies in Jacques Lecoq School from Paris (1973-1975).

Founder-director of the company Comediants, since 1972. He has premiered more than 30 shows with Comediants. He has directed more than 15 theatrical street shows, toured in five continents, with a high number of spectators, sometimes more than 100.000. He has visited more than 40 countries. He has directed ceremonies and parades, as the opening and closing show of the Biennale di Venezia (1981-1982), the parade “La Magia del Tiempo” of the Expo’92, in Sevilla, and the Closing Show of the Olimpic Games of Barcelona’92, “Fantasia Escribà” in Singapur 2014.

Since 1999, he has directed 8 large format operas, for instance, “Tha Magic Flute”, by Mozart (1999), or “The Barber of Seville” (2014). He created 4 small format operas for familial audience.

He has also participated in films, TV series and special programs. He has written several books and presented some CDs of the soundtrack of the shows of Comediants.

In 2016, he organizes the exhibition “Comediants, inventors of a new language”.

Organizers of the Atelier della Luna: Eudald Ferré and Luca Ronga

We are the curators of the Atelier della Luna – international theater house – we are actors and puppeteers, and for several years we have been projecting, directing and producing our shows; in the last period we ventured to organization of high drama training events in peculiar architectural places.

Atelier della Luna: Eudald Ferré i Luca Ronga
Eudald Ferré and Luca Ronga

We organize and discuss our projects from 10:30 pm to late at night, most of the time on skype, in two distant different places.

I (Eudald) live in Valls (Tarragona, Spain) and I (Luca) live in Florence (Italy) and we are not always able to sit at the same table to take decisions.

The language we share is the catalitaliaspanish, idiom that we have refined over time! A mixture of Catalan, Spanish and Italian.

Our best mottos:

– Do tomorrow what you have to do today.

– Organized well to get to accomplish things at the last minute.

– Do not put objects in the same place. Finding them quickly would be boring.

If you want to get more information about us you can have a look on our personal websites. |