Karim Dakroub, director of the Lebanese puppet company Al Khayal, and Lucia Carbone, choreographer of the group Subito Presto in France, are the architects of this collaboration culminating in the show “Balle de Rèves” (Dancing Dreams) that just presented at the Chapelle des Penitents Blancs, Avignon (France), on 28, 29 and 30 September 2012.

Balle de Rèves

The play can be seen at the following locations and dates: from 1st to November 17th, tour in Lebanon, 15 performances. November 2012, performances at the Théâtre de la Rotonde – Association Culturelle des Cheminots d’Avignon: Friday November 23rd. : School sessions, Saturday November 24th. : 20​​:30 session for all audiences. In March 2013, Vélo Théâtre d’Apt – Residence, from 25 to March 30th: Friday 29th March: two school sessions, on March 30: Session for all audiences.

Balle de Rèves

The play

Hidden behind the computer screen, just listen to the voice of his mother: “he arrives’
Who? Does he? What he? An outsider, an old man, worse, his grandfather coming from a country that does not know the language. Now is a gift from you, a box that his father encouraged him to open. But Sleyman is determined not to let go.
How slipping, moving from a world of screens, telephone equipment, computer … to the sensible world of dreams and memories?

Balle de Rèves

An imaginary friend (a puppet created by a ball and a piece of cloth) builds a bridge of this reality to a world without loneliness that Sleyman – what about the others? – Aspire.
A crack, the arrival of this old man, perhaps the pictures are a window into his innermost thoughts.
Graphic animations and shadows out of their minds to create openings to a world where the walls and borders dancing, going back and forth, between dream and reality, until the vertigo.


After several years of fruitful exchanges on artistic and educational projects (réseau European artists méditerranéen trainers “Voyages du Geste,” “Paroles en mouvement”, “Conte en mouvement”), Lucia Carbone (dancer, actress, choreographer collective Subito Presto, Apt, France) and Karim Dakroub (director and puppeteer Khayal association of Beirut, Lebanon) had a common desire to launch a French-Lebanese artistic team around a creative project.

Karim Dakroub
Karim Dakroub

Having worked with some of them in previous projects, it is natural to have proposed to several young artists gathered at the network “Voyage du geste” to join this new artistic adventure.

They chose to focus this multidisciplinary creation (dance, theater, puppetry, music and video) of dream worldwide, which is established as the backbone of the whole project. Artists who co-direct this project gives particular attention to young (in their lives and their work has always had a central place), opening the show for all ages, to allow several generations reunited, travel and exchange around common questioning.

Here’s some video images of the production: