Atelier della Luna presents this year, in Santes Creus (near Barcelona, Spain), an exceptional course of shadow theater, taught by Grand Master Fabrizio Montecchi, with the title of the Alphabet of the shadows. The workshop proposes a ramble to discover the contemporary shadow puppetry, a language thoroughly theatrical with enormous expressive and communicative possibilities..

Fabrizio Montecchi, Gioco Vita
Shadow image by Fabrizio Montecchi.

The structure of the workshop is as follows:

The Shadow | The first part, divided into practical sessions, stimulates a personal focus on the shadow.Essential to our perceptive dimension, omnipresent in our experience of the senses, the shadow  takes part and join us in our voyage of discovery of the world. The shadow above all exists, it belongs to our daily life, and the observation of what is real, natural and artificial, is the first step towards its acknowledgement. Shadow Puppetry can not be practised if the shadow is not known.

Fabrizio Montecchi, Gioco Vita
Shadow image by Fabrizio Montecchi.

From the Shadows to Shadow Puppetry | The second part, is divided into theoretical and practical sessions and it offers a more complete vision, on the several codified techniques in the Shadow Puppetry. From the features of the projector device, you get to analyse the elements that make it up: light, screen and body-object. Construction techniques and silhouettes animation are also proposed, with the traditional and experimental techniques.

A general critical vision on the Eastern and Western shadow puppetry, historical as well as contemporary, will be transmitted through the use of video projections as historical framework of this language.

Fabrizio Montecchi, Gioco Vita
Workshop with Fabrizio Montecchi.

Shadow Puppetry | The third part is divided into practical sessions and it will be dedicated to the creation, personal or collective, of small studies of stagecraft. That means a first step towards the finding/investigation and exploration on the shadows techniques an, at the same time, a first opportunity to face up with issues related to the planning and writing of a shadow puppetry.

Fabrizio Montecchi, Gioco Vita
Workshop with Fabrizio Montecchi

I am deeply convinced that shadow puppetry, in a world ruled by an over saturated and redundant image, intrusive and imposed (as regards form and contend), embodies a primitive and ancestral communication, pure ecology of perception. Shadow Puppetry does not impose its forms nor its meanings but it proposes them and above all, it frees us up to interpret them. That is why it can talk, in an original way, to the man of today and that of tomorrow. Fabrizio Montecchi

Fabrizio Montecchi, Gioco Vita
Fabrizio Montecchi.

Curriculum Fabrizio Montecchi:

Fabrizio Montecchi is director and set designer. He was born in Reggio Emilia (Italy), in 1960. He completed his Art and Architecture studies and he currently lives and works in Piacenza (Italia).

Since 1978 is a member of the Teatro Gioco of Piacenza, theatre of recognised standing within this genre, the Shadow Puppet Theatre. He has intervened in this formation, with different roles, in all his pieces, having signed as director 19 out of his productions. He has also collaborated, always from the sphere of the Gioco Vita, in different projects with lyrical, theatrical and ballet entities (La Scala di Milano, La Fenice di Venecia, L’Arena di Verona, il Teatro Regio di Torino, il Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, l’Aterballeto di Reggio Emilia e il Piccolo Teatro di Milano).

Fabrizio Montecchi, Gioco Vita
Workshop with Fabrizio Montecchi

Fabrizio Montecchi has worked as a stage manager with the Dockteatern Tittut of Stockholm staging five titles, and with the Huriaruuth and Vireä Omena companies from Helsinki, directing the show Keskyön näytelmä – 2002.

He has collaborated, as stage designer, with Mauro Bigonzetti (Aterballeto de Reggio Emilia-2002 – Stuttgart Ballet-2006), Stefano de Luca (Piccolo Teatro di Milano), Dougie Irvine (Children’s Theatre Company from Minneapolis, Visible Fictions from Glasgow-2008).

Fabrizio Montecchi, Gioco Vita
Shadow image by Fabrizio Montecchi

Fabrizio Montecchi is the author of various publications and articles in specialized journals (Un mondo di figure d’ombre, Oltre lo schermo and Der szenische Raum (The scenic area) – Schattentheater, Un teatro per le ombre…). He has also coordinated courses and seminars in Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Switzerland.

Santes Creus
Monastry of Santes Creus


The workshop is aimed to beginners and experts
Language: French – English – Catalan – Spanish
Dates: 14 days, 4 – 17 July 2016
Timetable: 10-13 / 14.30-17.30
Cost: 800 euros, including training, building materials, transfer to Santes Creus different destinations, and accommodation..

Santes Creus
Workshop space.


Monday 4th
Preparation of the workshop.
La sombras su la tierra. From darkness to light, a voyage in search of the origins of the shadow.
Tuesday 5th
Las sombras sul muro. Dall’ombra privata all’ombra pubblica.
The body with the shadow and the shadow without body. The screen and the transparency. The front and the back.
Wednesday 6th
From the body to the silhouette. The silhouette as an extreme attempt to attach the limitless figures of the corporeal shadow.
Give shadows to the shadow puppetry. Small search around the physical and linguistic characteristics of the shadow. The shadow space: the projective device.
Thursday 7th
Light. Quality and techniques.
The projection plane and the screen. Quality and techniques.
Friday 8th
The body.
The silhouette: Handling and manipulation.
Saturday 9th
The silhouette: Conception and construction.
The Shadow puppetry history (with video support)
Sunday 10th
Free work
Monday 11th
The sihlouette: Construction techniques.
The sihlouette: Construction techniques.
Tuesday 12th
The sihlouette: Construction techniques.
The sihlouette: Construction techniques.
The Gioco Vita Theatre tour. Brief ‘excursus’ on the research work of a Shadow Company. (with video support)
Wednesday 13th
The sihlouette: Construction techniques.
Small studies.
Thursday 14th – Friday 15th _ Saturday 16th
Small studies.
Sunday 17th
Public presentation.

Santes Creus
Monastry of Santes Creus

Duration – Cost – Transportation
The workshop will be a 14 days workshops, from 4th July to 17th July 2016
It costs 800€ including training, building materials and transfer to Santes Creus different destinations (*).

(*) 3th July
Tarragona – Santes Creus
Reus airport – Santes Creus
Valls –  Santes Creus
18th July
Santes Creus – Tarragona
Santes Creus – Reus airport
Santes Creus – Valls

Enrolment deadline 30th April 2016
300 euros deposit to confirm your attendance
Full payment deadline 10th June 2016
Send your CV and enrolment form at

The workshop starts on 4th July at 10 am and finishes on 17th July at 8 pm.
office hours 10 am – 1 pm / 14.30 pm – 17.30 pm
Languages: French, English, Catalan, Spanish
17th July, performance and theatre-party
A day out of time (visit)

Information about meals and accomodation
For further information about meals and accomodation in the web site
For further information about meals and accomodation, ask the organisation.

Picnic Lunch
The organisation propose to have lunch everyday all together in the Parc del Riu de Santes Creus. The participants who want it can bring his/her own food and enjoy this break between the nature and in good company.