As every year since 1977, May 18th is International Museum Day. To celebrate that, International Puppet Centre in Tolosa – TOPIC is today an open house that will continue, from 21.00, with the “white night”. The museum will be open until one o’clock AM, and in the evening musical performances will be playing in different parts of its premises. But that is not all: in addition to visit the museum during the day or have a drink at night and a walk in a relaxed atmosphere through one of the most significant puppet collections in Europe, a photo contest is held.


This contest is open to all visitors today. To participate, you just need a registration form. There will be three categories: children (6 to 12 years), teenagers (13 to 18) and adults. Awards are granted by a professional jury and the museum’s web site will share a selection of photos of all contestants, expected to come from the more places the better.


All events this year are organized by several entities besides the International Puppet Center: Museum Gorrotxategi, Bizi-Biziki in Larraitz, Traders Association of Tolosa and bars and restaurants. Thanks to that, the program for today is much broader and connects all the centers among themselves and with people. Guided tours to museums and historic city center, street music, food, a chocolate fair… are some of the actions that will undoubtedly enable these centers to emphasize its goal of making know their work.

In this context, it is worth to remember that the TOPIC has been chosen to win the Best European Museum Award in 2012, which would mean a great reconnaissance to its rigor and involvement with the task of promotion.

For more information, program and photo contest conditions visit TOPIC’s website.