On the occasion of International Museum Day, the Museu da Marioneta at the charming Convento das Bernardas, in Lisbon city center, will be open from today on to a variety of family activities. To raise awareness of its collections, ranging historical pieces of Portuguese traditional puppeteers, puppets from animated films or ritual origins of African masks, all the actions will extend throughout the weekend. The game Enigmas starts the program this morning and will be held again in the afternoon. Enigmas is an activity that allows children and parents to discover the exhibit by trying to unravel the mysteries contained in an envelope that is provided at the entrance.

museu da marioneta

Tomorrow Saturday there are two different activities to publicize the museum. The Office in the cloister “Dragões refilões” is a game in the heart of the convent to know the whole heritage of the museum. In the afternoon, visitors will see the Museum in a guided tour. For both activities prior registration is required, but they are free.

Finally, on Sunday, family activity “A dança do Dragao” wants the participants to live themselves the experience of making a puppet (registration is also required), so a giant dragon will be made. To do this, they will use recycled materials and in the end it will be manipulated also by the whole group.

museu da marioneta

Remember this weekend there is the closing of the Festival de Marionetas e Formas Animadas – FIMFA 2012. Although organized by company A Tarumba, the last show of the program will be on Saturday night at the Museum’s theater. It is an opportunity to know the facilities, meet its important collections and see the enchanting show by Joan Baixas ‘La música pintada’.

For more information visit the museum’s website.